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Take free online surveys and get paid so businesses and organizations across the nation, and in Hawaii, can learn what people like you want and need.

Here, at The Hawaii Panel, you get paid through retail and restaurant gift certificates or PayPal for participating in these free online surveys. Join other Kamaaina whose opinions always count here.

We will never ask you to pay anything to participate, like other companies that try to scam you.

The Hawaii Panel is owned and operated by Ward Research, a local research company that has been in Hawaii since 1980.

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Any Hawaii resident 14 years old or older can join the panel. Membership in The Hawaii Panel is free. You will never have to pay to be a member, and even better, we will pay you! Registration takes just five minutes and we guarantee your privacy. We will never release your personal details to a third party. View our Privacy Policy for more details.

Typically, panel members are notified about relevant surveys via email several times a year. In these surveys, you may see new advertising concepts in their infant stages or be among the first kamaaina to learn about new products and services. Your opinions really do make a difference and will drive the development for the next generation of products and services in Hawaii.

Members receive points for completing surveys. The average survey lasts 10 minutes, involves approximately 35 questions, and earns you 100 points. Panel members start redeeming rewards once they’ve reached 500 points.

500 $5 PayPal Cash Transfer
1000 $10 Amazon Gift Certificate
2500 $25 iTunes Gift Card



I saw my voice being heard when I watched one of the commercials on TV, and it was one of the ads that I chose!
-Cathy F., Hawaii Panel Member

Hawaii Panel allows me to voice my opinion about what matters to me and my family, making a difference for the entire community all while earning points that I can redeem for many useful and exciting rewards offered by popular businesses, including cash!
-Levana Ke'Ikaika, Hanapepe

I belong to other panels, and the Hawaii Panel is more pertinent to my lifestyle as it addresses local concerns and issues.
-Deb from Mililani

The prizes are awesome. I cannot believe [that I receive] a giftcard for answering questions about what I believe/like. Thank You!
-Jeannette N. Lee, Hawaii Panel Fan+Member :)


Hawai'i has bats. The ōpe‘ape‘a or Hawaiian hoary bat joins the monk seal as an official land mammal of the islands. Don't worry, there's no evidence they suck blood. They do provide natural pest control since the bat consumes insects like moths, beetles, and termites.
Source: Hawaii Revised Statutes §5-12.2

Regardless of ownership, all beaches in Hawai'i are open to the general public, with few limited exceptions to accommodate the Federal government.
Source: Sea Grant University of Hawaii and Chapter 205A, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS)

During 1942 to 1944, the word "HAWAII" was overprinted on the backs of U.S. dollar bills. It was the only currency allowed to be used in Hawaii. In the event Japan occupied Hawaii and confiscated the money, the bills could be declared worthless by the US Government. When the threat of invasion waned, the Hawaii notes were destroyed in crematoriums and sugar mills. If you find these rare bills, hold on to them! They are worth more than their face value!
Source: Mental Floss

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